Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Four New Tours This Weekend, Help Solve the Mystery Of Fort Moore Hill & the Mystery of the Soldier Boy and Celebrate Waytt Earp's 140th Birthday!

Before listing our tours of Historic Downtown Los Angeles for the next two weekends, I'd like to announce a new feature here in Historic Downtown Los Angeles.  Every week I will be posting clues about the many  of unsolved mysteries of Historic Downtown Los Angeles - and all of Los Angeles - and you will be invited to help solve these mysteries during our tours.

The first mystery  - which dates back to 1846 -  is linked to just above the purported photo of Fort Moore Hill  which is three photos down....

The Last Bookstore Presents….
The Secret Lives of Historic Downtown Los Angeles

This Saturday March 31st  and next Saturday April 6th at both 11 AM and 2 PM we will have the HISTORIC DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES 101 walking tour which is a two hour introduction to the past, present and future of Historic Downtown Los Angeles.  

Then this Sunday April 1st at 11 AM and 2 PM and next Sunday April 8th also at 11AM and 2 PM, we will have the HOW DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES INVENTED THE WILD WEST (and why no one knows it) walking tour where you will discover that everything which ever happened in the Wild West happened here in LA first - and how many of the most famous figures of the American West lived in Los Angeles from the 1820's - to the 1920's - and why no one knows any of this.

And since Wyatt Earp was 140 years old Monday March 19th, both of the two Sunday tours will spend extra time visiting parts of the Downtown that Wyatt Earp and his friends frequented from the Civil War's violent1860's to the boom times of the roaring 1920's.  

Lastly, speaking of the Civil War, another of the mysteries we will be trying to solve involves a photograph of a young boy wearing an army uniform  - taken here in Downtown Los Angeles - in 1865.

All tours are still only $15 per person and start at the THE LAST BOOKSTORE in the Spring Arts Tower at 453 S. Spring Street.

Happy Birthday, Wyatt Earp!

Below is mystery photo number one.
And HERE is  the link
to the story behind this photo.
And at the bottom of the page is mystery photo number two..

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