Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good News For My Father's 89th Birthday!

Shortly after my family celebrated Christmas, my father was in the middle of a standard medical check-up when he was suddenly rushed into emergency surgery.  They quickly fixed that simple structural problem, but also uncovered another problem with the operation of his heart.  And that was the first serious health problem he had faced in his then 88 years.

After a number of tests, they finally proposed a series of operations to first understand and then solve the problem and the odds they gave him were not favorable.  But to their surprise - after the final operation - the problem had totally vanished - as if it had never been there.  And by his 89th birthday yesterday - he has now recovered every bit of the strength and energy he had before the problem developed.

Even better news, though, is that everything else about his health is doing so well, there is no reason why he will not have another ten years of perfect health before anything else might need a little tinkering with.  And for those who of you do not know him, here is what I wrote about my Dad back when he was still a relative youngster.

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