Sunday, May 12, 2013

International Poll on the Future of Wrestling in the Olympics

Here is the link where you can vote for wrestling and you can vote once a day every day until May 30th.  But besides voting, Id like everyone to comment upon and vote for my comment on the fate of wrestling at the Olympics which was:

If the Olympics drops wrestling - it will lose all credibility as a true sporting event. It will stand exposed as little more than a toy for rich old men to further their own personal interests.
Right now, the international wrestling community has to play 'nice' with the IOC while trying to get them to reinstate wrestling as a trial sport at the end of this month - or possibly overturn their decision later this year.  But if those options are foreclosed - then there is nothing left to lose.

This could quickly turn into open warfare between the millions of wrestlers  in every country of the world and the Olympic movement after it has been shown to us that the Olympic games are no longer primarily about the sports, but are instead more about  how a handful of rich and powerful men can  manipulate the games to benefit their own interests..

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