Monday, May 20, 2013

Where can I get instructions on how to remove a virus from my computer - manually - or otherwise. It is trojan horse psw generic10.brgj

I'm still trying fine any site on-line that can show me how to remove trojan horse psw generic10.brgj - that isn't trying to sell me their services - or do I just need overall instructions on how to manually removed  a virus?  And I mean how to do so in a totally non-technical way that anyone can understand each step spelled out in plain English.  My computer was already slow as hell even before this - and constantly freezing because Flash is constantly crashing, but now it is barely working at all.

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Douglas Welch said...

I usually start off Malwarebytes to clean off whatever you can. ( You may have to boot into Safe Mode in order to get enough control of the machine to download and install or you can download on a second computer and then install from a memory stick.

Depending on how nasty infection is, Malwarebytes might get you back to full function again. At least it will clear up the worst things it finds and then updating and running again will try to clear anything else.

If you need to remove it manually, you are probably better off backing up your data and rebuilding the system using System Recovery disks. This will take less time and guarantee you have removed anything that might have been installed.

I searched my usual sources for manual removal instructions and didn't turn up anything for that particular piece of malware.