Thursday, September 05, 2013

Tired of Summer Blockbusters? Well, 23 (yes, that's... TWENTY-THREE) Indie Films Premiere This Friday. That's Practically One an Hour.

Well, everyone was looking for a 'hole' in the schedule to fill and when 'Riddick' announced it's date - everyone headed for that hole.  So now not only does that hole have three strong hold-overs, but Riddick itself looks as if it is going to be a hit - and that 'hole' will also have more films premiering than on any other date this year.
Full details are provided by Todd Cunningham at the WRAP.
What’s Behind 23 Indie Movies Debuting This Weekend Blame ‘Riddick’
 “Winnie Mandela,” “Salinger” and “The Ultimate Life” are among the crush of small releases rolling out
Summer moviegoers who grouse that there’s nothing but sequels and superheroes in theaters have nothing to complain about this weekend.
“Salinger,” the Shane Salerno documentary about the reclusive author, the biopic “Winnie Mandela” starring Jennifer Hudson as the South African icon’s wife, and the faith-based melodrama “The Ultimate Life” are among a whopping 23 films that will debut at the specialty box office on Friday.
 “It’s because at one point, ‘Riddick’ was the only movie on that date,” Fox Searchlight distribution chief Frank Rodriguez toldTheWrap. “It’s not that easy to find slots in the fall and people saw a chance to make some noise with their films, and hopefully build on that. But then the list just kept growing.”

And the rest is at THE WRAP.

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