Sunday, September 08, 2013

Wrestling Returns to the Olympics! So - What's Next??

Not that wrestling needed to do much after the international outrage when the IOC dropped the world's oldest sport (and one of the great sports of the original and current Olympic), but the newly rebooted FILA had an excellent presentation that easily trumped the competition.

FILA's next job is to get wrestling reinstated as one of the core sports after it demonstrates wrestling's new rules during the next Olympics (rather than waiting until its 'demonstration' year) - and then, the men's weight categories that were dropped for the next games need to be returned to the men's competition - while also also being added to the woman's competition - and the adding of  woman's category to Greco-Roman needs to start on the local level to further develop - and protect - the sport.

And, finally, FILA needs to join with USA Wrestling to battle the illegal use of Title IX as a tool to destroy  the US's  wrestling college programs.

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