Saturday, July 26, 2014

Down Under + Ancient Greece & Rome Invade Downtown LA's Last Boostore $1 Room!

Now that the long awaited final two volumes of the nine volume 1988  edition of the...

Australian Encyclopaedia 

have have finally turned up at

 The Last Bookstore

...   I have just put out over 100 books on Australia, New Zealand and the adjacent South Pacific in boxes since the 20,000 novels that are also coming in have filled up the rest of the shelves.   

And since I want to keep the 8 volumes of this very rare edition - since they appear to be the only set currently for sale in the US. So ask for me when you get here and I will show them to you if they are still for sale.  And the 100 books cover everything from film and TV to best selling novelists to politics and the social sciences to short story collections and wildlife  - and much much more.

And I also just put out ANOTHER 30 great books on ancient Greece and Rome of a quality we never, ever get up here.  So after you see Dwayne Johnson in the latest filmed version of Hercules - read all about the real world of 'real' Hercules.

Also - check out what else has recently showed up in One Dollar Room of The Last Bookstore at 5th  Spring in the heart of Historic Downtown Los Angeles:

  all things literary

  recent down priced books




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