Thursday, July 24, 2014

Latest Unbelievable Bargains in the One Dollar Room at The Last Bookstore

View of 1st floor of The Last Bookstore
Since my last posting, 2,000 more novels, short story collections and memoirs have arrived in the One Dollar Room in the second floor Labyrinth at The Last Bookstore where every book is still -  just one dollar.

Just shelved this morning are nineteen books (biographies, memoirs & diaries of close friends and criticism) on Ernest Hemingway or his work - or both, five books on Mark Twin/Samuel Clemens,  three copies of Christopher Sawyer-Laucannio's biography of Paul Bowles (An Invisible Spectator), nine books on or about Charles Dickens and his work, and that is just a hint of the riches recently added to our literary section.

Our books about books section has also just become the very temporary home of a number books about children 's literature - and several books about collecting of classic English children's books

Also recently received are a multitude of new poetry collections  - along with full books by or about Matthew Arnold, Ted Hughes, Edwin Muir, Delmore Schwartz, Carl Sandburg, Gerald Manley Hopkins, Seamus Heaney, James Joyce, Robinson Jeffers, Charles Swinburne, Charles Lamb, Gerald Locklin, the Ballads of Wordsworth and Coleridge and many others - plus two copies of Justin Kaplan's life of Walt Whitman.

But it is the 20,000 books - now arriving in the 24 box shipments shipped every day from the warehouse - that the real treasures are to be discovered.

These include hundreds of books - and authors - that have never, ever before been seen in the one dollar room - and which will soon never, ever be seen there again.

Included among them are seemingly endless numbers novels and short story collections that have won every major - and minor - literary award in the world from every country in the world that presents literary prizes - along with novels from almost every popular writer of the present and past and even prior centuries - and these books are daily arriving - and hourly departing.

So stop by The Last Bookstore at 5th & Spring in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles - located on two floors of the Spring Arts Tower - any day starting at 10 AM - and stay until we close at 10 PM every night except Friday & Saturday when we close at 11 PM and Sunday when we close at 9 PM.

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