Friday, October 17, 2014

Finally Writing My Book on Los Angeles - But I Need Some Help

I am now deep into writing my book on Los Angeles (and particularly Downtown Los Angeles) – and its past, present and future after a lifetime of researching and studying our city’s past, being born in LA and walking its streets since the late 1950’s and, finally, after fifteen years of working 365 days a year to plan and help build a better Los Angeles. 

My biggest challenge, I had thought, would be how to integrate the three different stories (past, present and future) into a single larger story but I was wrong.  After having thought about this for so long – and talking it out for 3 years on my walking tours – the structure of the book not only almost instantly became obvious but the way past, the present and future – from the first page - seamlessly wove together into a single story became so compelling, I found myself writing all three sections book at the same time.

That has created a new problem.   What I most lack is first-hand information from the individuals who took part in each of the previous attempts to revitalize DTLA – starting with the 1950’s and continuing into the late 1980’s.   Even though I closely watched was happening during of those periods and have since read extensively about them, I was not a first-hand participant in those events (other than in very minor ways), as I have been since the 1990’s and I feel I need to talk to those who were most actively involved during those periods.

So if you know of any person – or persons -  I might  consider talking with (and I already have my own list, of course) – please send me an email - - suggesting who I should consider talking with – and why.  And if you have their contact information – that would also be appreciated.


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