Friday, October 31, 2014

You Know You've Lived in DTLA a Long Time When 2 Fire Trucks Heading East Worries You

When the first LAFD  trucks heading east from the Westlake Station passed me, I suddenly realized that while I've seen hundreds of emergency vehicles heading west out of Downtown - I couldn't remember the last time I saw a row of trucks heading east and realized something major must be happening.  And by the time three more caravans passed me by - on three different streets - given the times we live in - I went online to see what was happening.  An oil truck had crashed and was on-fire just over the river in Boyle Heights.  And - fortunately - it appears that no one was injured.

But - again - given the times we live in - there will likely be a day when a lot more emergency vehicles will be driving into Downtown LA.

And - before I forget - Have a Happy Halloween Tonight!   Sometimes, it can be fun to be scared.

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