Friday, December 19, 2014

One Hundred Christmas Books at $1 Each at The Last Book Store!

It you looking for books on how to craft Christmas decorations - or  make Christmas gifts - or gifts of any kind - or if you are looking for new - or old - recipes for any of the year end holidays and celebrations - the $1 room at The Last Bookstore (at 5th & Spring in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles) now has three different displays where you can find those $1 books as well as Christmas themed novels ranging from romantic to inspirational - and most everything in between.  Below are photos of a few of those hundred books taken by what is - undoubtedly- the world's single worst camera phone.

And - if you are still looking for stocking stuffers - or the hard to find perfect gifts for those special people on your list - be sure and pick up some gift cards at the check out register.

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