Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UPDATE at end! What the Hell is Google's New Division - Workers Uniting Group? And Why is Google Alerts Sending Me There?

As of today,  my Google Alerts are falsely leading me to a site which tries to get me to download books that are fraudulently claimed to be about the subject of my Google Alert.

And the URL of the site was supposedly just registered by Google after it was allowed to expired by a left-wing European labor union while the site has now been renamed - Watch E-Book Online.

Also no information is given on the site as to who they are (other than a link) and I am hesitant to click to 'who we are' link since their products appear to be merely randomly put together, barely related,  news items - and  the site also appears to be less than a week old (see 3rd paragraph below).  So all this makes we question even more - how could this site have a sky-high Google authority ranking?
Again, here is what Google Alerts sent me as a match for the Southern California Historical Society - even though that phrase is a one time mention in an alleged e-book about gardening that is only a collection of barely related on-line stories about gardening.

And here is a many years old link to where it is stated that the organization has disbanded (the organization which first owned the domain name) and that their website will be removed.

Now when I tried to research the history of the URL (something I have never done before), I found it appeared to still be owned by GoDaddy but when I looked for an update to include the past few days - this is what I got: - with it now showing a Kansas address for the site,

However, another site shows it as being located on Google's Mountain View Campus. - but I have no idea if I did this correctly - or not.

And since this a realm I know less than nothing about - I can not even begin to parse any of this.

The only thing I can be 100% certain of  is that Google Alerts is now sending me to sites that have close to zero about the word or alert that is in my Google Alert.

UPDATE!   My Google Alert for The Last Bookstore does to a site that bares little resemblance to the site described in the link.  It is - instead - another yet request for me to download a file  
Now this may be a perfectly innocent site - but the hosting site is  in French - and the Google Alert appears to show that the linked to site is in English - which it could be.   But I'm not going to download anything this suspicious to find out

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