Sunday, May 17, 2015

And Here are some of TODAY's $1 books on my Last Day at The Last Bookstore.

First, here is why this day - Sunday May 17th -  is my last day at The Last Bookstore at 5th & Spring in Downtown LA.

Second, among the just arrived $1 books are over 200 books on film and TV, over 50 books on new media & media studies and and - very recently - over 50 books on the theater - and over a different play.  Our woman's studies section now has over 150 books in i, our psychology section has close to 1,000 books in it and our long empty natural section is now filled with books - including six different ones on just elephants!

We also have an incredible number of Robert Parker large hardcover novels as well as hardcover novels of over 30 different authors we almost never get any books of - much less hardcover books - such as Alexander McCall Smith.  Many more posts on just arrived inventory  to follow in next few hours....  And we are open until 9  PM tonight


Over a hundred $1graphic novels have just been put out - along with 2 boxes of cook books - along with a bit of everything else you can imagine...

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