Off to Greener Pastures

Sunday, May 17th will be Brady Westwater’s last official day in the Labyrinth Above the Last Bookstore. The Last Bookstore is sad to say goodbye to Brady as a daily fixture at the store, but we are very excited to see all that Brady will do as he turns most of his time and attention back to his writing. Please join us in wishing him well, and keeping up with his latest projects.
Among the projects Brady will be shortly completing are the final edit of his literary Western novel - The Long Rider - and the final polish of a contemporary comedy screenplay – The Dalton Brothers - which is concurrently being turned into a YA novel.

He will also continue to work on two projects conceived and then started at his desk in the Labyrinth.  The first book will examine the past, the present – and future – of Downtown Los Angeles from two different points of view.
First, the concept that Downtown Los Angeles – beginning in the 1820’s and continuing into the 1860’s was the first – and eventually - the penultimate example of a Western town and that Los Angeles has continued to creating and exploring new frontiers such as film making and aviation.
Second, that one frontier Los Angeles created during the early 20th Century –  the concept of a small central city being surrounded by multiple other cores – is now enabling Los Angeles to develop the first example of what a 21st Century City cab might – and possibly - should be.  And, ironically, the central focus where both of these events first began to happen (almost exactly 100 years within each other) – was in the handful of blocks surrounding 5th & Spring – where The Last Bookstore is located.
The other new project first gestated within the Labyrinth is “The Last Bookstore’s Guide to Downtown Los Angeles”; an insider’s guide of DTLA that is being designed for both its own citizens – and for its increasingly numerous visitors.
Brady will continue leading walking tours from The Last Bookstore on the weekends. His next tour is May 20th, and you can find him at the main entrance of the Last Bookstore at 11 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday. His tours have been featured in Los Angeles Magazine, GQ, and recently in American Cowboy ( Please check out his walking tour Facebook page for the latest on his tours and schedule: You can also keep up with Brady and his work on his blog:
If you aren’t able to come by and say goodbye before Sunday, we hope to see you on a tour with Brady soon!
And if you do come down today, among the just arrived $1 books are over 200 books on film and TV, over 50 books on new media & media studies and and - very recently - over 50 books on the theater - and over a different play.  Our woman's studies section now has over 150 books in i, our psychology section has close to 1,000 books in it and our long empty natural section is now filled with books - including six different ones on just elephants!

We also have an incredible number of Robert Parker large hardcover novels as well as hardcover novels of over 30 different authors we almost never get any books of - much less hardcover books - such as Alexander McCall Smith.  Many more posts on just arrived inventory  to follow in next few hours....  And we are open until 9  PM tonight.


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