Monday, November 30, 2015

Why Does Google 'News" Search Have Less and Less - and Older & Older - Actual News?

Once upon a time, I used Google News a lot. Now I almost never do.  I simply go to Twitter when I want to find the latest news.

To give a recent example why - I wanted to see what the weather was like and will be in the Northern part of the California Sierras.  So today on November 30th - I did that search - which I have at the bottom of this page.

And the newest news shown was - November 25th - which was 5 day old weather.  And some of the 'news' stories were as much as 25 days old.  And the over all headline was about Thanksgiving Travel.

The question is - how can Google think that anyone wanting to know what the weather news is now or what the weather will be tomorrow -  should be shown only weather reports/stories that were 5 - 20 days old?

My other issue with Google News is that you used to be able to select time frames for the news you wanted to see - such as in the past hour.  But I have not seen that option in a very long time. 
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Story image for northern california sierras weather from Los Angeles Times

Thanksgiving travelers will face snow-blanketed roadways in ...

Los Angeles Times-Nov 25, 2015
The Sierra Nevada received up to 16 inches of snow on Tuesday. ... If you're headed for Northern California for Thanksgiving, don't get snowed under. ... expected or occurring,” the National Weather Service in Sacramento ...
Winter-like storm brings rain, snow to Northern California
The San Luis Obispo Tribune-Nov 25, 2015
Storm brings snow to Sierra Nevada
OCRegister-Nov 25, 2015
Storm may impact busiest travel day of the year. Here's why
The Weather Network-Nov 25, 2015
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