Sunday, January 10, 2016

My ACER E 15 computer update just deactivated both my external mouse and my external keyboard

My Aspire E 15 was just made totally unusable by an upgrade I did not ask for and which instantly deactivated both my external mouse and external keyboard. I rebooted my computer a few days ago I was told an update was being installed.

My past history with this computer is it would not stay connected to the wireless in my office and it took me over a month just to download everything not the computer – which are it impossible for me to register the product. And I can only use the computer for typing in my office and have to go elsewhere to use it as a computer

But my new problem started when neither the built-in mouse nor the built in key board even remotely worked. Every sentence I typed was missing at last five or six letters, and trying to use the mouse left with a painfully sore should after just a single day. And tying a single page usually took 15 – 20 minutes it was such a nightmare.

So I bought both an external mouse ad an external keyboard – and they both worked fine. But a few Days ago – after my update – neither the mouse nor the key board would connect. Neither have other keyboards and mice I have tried. And just typing these few words has caused my shoulder…. eye watering pain.

Another change was rather than opening right on my work page – I instead have to sit through a slide show of pictures and then a welcome page pop-ups.

And that had taken me weeks to figure out how to get rid of that crap when I first set-up the computer and first used the first MS word update. And since I assume this is MS crap, it makes me wonder – who did the upgrade.
So how do I REACTIVATE my external mouse an external keyboard? And how can I get rid of the opening pages.


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