Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cool Video Of Broadway In 1988!

It may be relatively recent history - but history it still is with all the rapid changes in Downtown. This was also before both the Northridge earthquake and the Rodney King Riots when theaters were still open and there was something resembling nightlife on Broadway.

Now the link to this video is being posted all over the web - but no one seems to know if it is either November 1988 or 1989 due to both dates being posted on YOUTUBE.

But it's likely 1988.

It's hard to make out - but the top of the bill at the Orpheum reads Steve Spielberg, then it reads 'An American Tale' and 'Land Before Time. Now American Tale had been released before either of those dates (1986), but 'Land Before Time' was premiered in... November 1988.

And both films were executive produced by Spielberg.

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