Saturday, July 21, 2007

Second Visit To Ralph's Market!

After a full day of waiting in various waiting rooms at various medical facilities, I checked out the Saturday night scene at the Ralph's market in Downtown Los Angeles. As soon as I got off the subway, I saw other people had taken the subway to get to the market from the Historic Core. Then we arrived here after short two block walk, well after10 PM, 9th Street was still lined with cars on both sides of the street. People were loading groceries into their cars and other people were walking from other directions to get to the market.

It was really surprising how many people were inside the market after 10 PM on a Saturday night - and what a wide variety of people they were. Even more surprising, though, were the check out lines. Of the sevens stations - five of them were open and with both cashiers and baggers working at full speed, there were still three or four people in each line.

Clearly, with all the new units being opened in so many neighborhoods, we are going need a lot more just one full service market.

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