Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Historic Day For Broadway And All Of Los Angeles!

Yesterday, after months of hearings in committees, the City of Los Angeles finally made a commitment to help restore Broadway as a center for live entertainment and – most importantly – live theater.

And that should be important to everyone in an increasingly financially precarious city. Few people in Los Angeles know that Broadway theaters alone – and not counting Off-Broadway or Off-Off-Broadway theaters – or the major Lincoln Center non-profit theaters, bring 5 billion dollars every year into the economy of New York City.

Yes, five billion dollars.

What passed was simple enough. To start a master plan to develop the infrastructure that will make Broadway once again a cultural and entertainment center for the entire city; an entertainment center that will bring major conventions to the city and fill the hotel rooms throughout the city of Los Angeles.

And bring lots of dollars into the city's treasury.


Jason said...

That's great news, Brady! Do you have any details on the plan?

Anonymous said...

For clarity's sake, it would have helped if the sentence "few people in Los Angeles know that Broadway theaters alone..." instead were "few people in Los Angeles know that *New York City's* Broadway theaters alone..."

If a momentary misunderstanding of which Broadway you were referring to didn't really make a difference, meaning if L.A.'s Broadway theaters were as vital as the ones on the East Coast, that would be nice.