Friday, October 12, 2007

Hollywood Today Review of Eduardo Lucero Show At BOXeight! See Photos At The Link!

Lucero Sweetens LA Fashion Week with Sleek Nightlife Styles

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Designer Eduardo Lucero wows crowd with coy, sexy looks at BoxEight alternative show

By Stacey Silberman

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 10/12/07 – Designer Eduardo Lucero made Angelenos like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa proud last night at the premiere of his well-received BOXeight fashion show in downtown Los Angeles. The Spring 2008 fashion line was a masterstroke for the designer and his illustrious team.

The models hit the runway with poise and flare, strutting in designs from edgy to coy while highlighting well-heeded new spring colors in his fabulously designed ready-to-wear clothes.

While most of his work in black and white, splashes of fuscia and shiny green stood out as did an ecru chiffon look.

Like with most designs today, they hinted at the past glamour of stars like Audrey Hepburn. Though the glam factor of the recent past wasn’t overlooked as the the solid black dresses, first to be shown, flooded the mind with memories reminiscent of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” phase.

The above the knee dresses accentuated with beautiful backsides.

There were several different kinds of dresses that stunned the crowd, including many with open revealing backs. Some had beaded necklines and origami details to set them apart and make them a more interesting piece in the closet.

What’s most important is the fact that they are wearable for many kinds of occasions. But the edginess of all of the solid black pieces made them darkly romantic and bold.

Then came a slightly more traditional round of styles in shades of black & white. They were silky, simple and nice, with a broad appeal. The navy pieces that followed were a sleek, form-fitting and floor length, best suited for the slender.

Then came the goddesses. The models looked stunning in the classic Jennifer Lopez style, light and lovely in creamy tones, flowing as they walked. They are some definite wardrobe must-haves.

Another group of models walked slowly and delicately down the runway. They seemed more demure, giving an impression of the young stylish business woman. These pieces could be worn for work, for lunch or for an evening dinner. They were the polar opposite of the first dresses, demonstrating the abundant variety in Lucero’s spring line.

But what really wowed the applauding crowd, were the boldly colored, straight-lined, body hugging, not overly dressy and somewhat simple long dresses. Referred to as the green chiffon gown and the fuscia/red tie dye gown by the designer, these two dresses had the audience cheering, give me more, give me more. These are a must see for the women of spring 2008.

Another crowd wowing favorite and what may have been the signature piece in Lucero’s Spring collection, was the big black flowing matt jersey priest gown. As a whole, it was unique, but it was also accessorized with a current Gucci favorite, the chrome horse bit, which accentuated the model’s sexy bared back. What also made this piece interesting is the fact that it appeared to be cotton, making it both comfortable and a little less dressy, despite the fact that the long dress had a wedding-gown-like train. This is a must get item for those who can afford to show lots of skin up top.

That piece was s stand-alone number, having no other designs like it in the show.

The “Have Faith in L.A.” theme was presented by BOXeight, an LA organization fostering support and growth for emerging designers, artists, musicians and other creative professionals struggling to survive in a big city atmosphere, adding new cultural life to the downtown district.

The event took place at (St.) Vibiana, the former historic cathedral redesigned into a celebrity event space. It was part of Peter Gurnz’ ambitious BoxEight Fashion Week, an alternative series of Los Angeles runway shows that deservedly either complements or competes with IMG’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which starts Sunday.

The shows help define LA Fashion Week as a community style signature beyond those designers showing at MBFW. It kicked off Thursday night with Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sabiella’s Cosa Nostra line, followed by the widely anticipated Verdad show.

Neutral walls accented splashes of colored windows with high-arching baroque style columns and lush greenery outside, providing a chic and elegant atmosphere for Verdad to showcase his work.

The crowd rushed to their seats after mingling in the plush garden and grandeur foyer. Some familiar faces could be seen opposite the runway, namely infamous R&B singer Bobby Brown.
Lucero’s runway show followed intermission entertainment, including abstract modern dance routines with glittery naked females and and multiple short films about fashion, art, sex and even a really hot burlesque film starring Dita von Teese.

To top off the evening’s feel at the event, cocktails were served outside to the sounds of hip German techno, setting the tone for a distinctly European flavor. It was worth seeing, hearing and reporting on.

LA COWBOY NOTE - Mayor Antonio Villararigosa also attended this show.

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Brady, You told me about this fashion show about a month ago when we first talked on the phone. I am glad to see that it was a tremendous success. In reading about it, I am also glad I have had the chance to experience more of your writing. As you know I am learning from you and other bloggers. Your review of the Fashion Show has taught me alot.

Hope you are doing well.
walter melton