Friday, June 08, 2012

New Support Group for Downtown Los Angeles Tech Startups

LA Startup Club

Real products for real people in the real heart of LA.

The LA Tech scene is blowing up! That's great for our industry but it also means a lot of noise. Are you sick of crowded events where you struggle to get noticed? Would you like to have a serious conversation about your startup with someone that isn't looking over your shoulder for someone more influential?
Get out of Santa Monica and come to downtown LA to talk about building real products for real customers in the real heart of Los Angeles.
Founders of early stage web and mobile technology companies. Hosted by your friends at NeighborGoods.
Bi-weekly collaborative work sessions in a safe, focused environment to provide support, mentorship, and a shoulder to cry on if needed. Also food and beer! Each company will be responsible for providing dinner and drinks for approximately 10 people on a rotating basis.

For more details - hit the link down below.  And - for this first trial project - you need to submit by June 15th!

 LA Startup Club

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