Thursday, October 01, 2015

DTLA's ALMA - Winner of Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurant Award in 2013 - Closes on October 24th.

Elizabeth Daniels
Alma -is about to be no more. The closing date for the DTLA restaurant which won Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurant Award in 2013 is set for October 24th.

Many reasons are cited in the EATER article - and there were certainly a number of forces the owners had little control over -along with lawsuits, and an ex-partner,
But one of the mains reason seems to be that customers (and possibly ex-partners) - especially at that far end of Broadway - were somewhat more interested in dining on fine food rather than contemplating the finely wrought ideas and deeply profound manifestos which under-pinned the production and preparation of each of the items found on the menu.

And, here again, is Eater's take on the life and death of Alma

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