Sunday, October 18, 2015

Video of Girls in a Car Being Swept Away by El Nino Flood of Mud & Water

This ABC news site has several El Nino flood videos (which require you take a 5 second survey) and the first one has some girls in a standard passenger car that is suddenly swept away by flood waters on SR58 near Tehachapi.  But be sure and see the videos in the post before this one since...

....  the post before this has two very dramatic videos of a truck being swept away.  And if you are wondering why they got caught in this - and if you have never been in one of these thunderstorms in the desert - this quote will give you an idea how fast this can happen.  The last time I hit one, by the time I had finished braking after the first rain started - it was raining so hard I could not see more than three or four feet in front of me.

Big-rig driver Jared Patterson, who stayed overnight with his vehicle, said the roadway turned dangerous within 45 seconds after traffic came to halt amid the storm. Then the embankment next to the highway collapsed, he said.

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