Sunday, October 18, 2015

Two INCREDIBLE Videos of the El Nino Nightmare of Water & Mud North of LA Last Week

Here are two videos - I hope - from the facebook page of trucker Jose Antonio Vargas when he got caught in the aftermath of an El Nino caused thunderstorm in the Tehachapi Pass area north of Los Angeles. And if you are wondering why he and everyone got caught in this - and if you have never been in one of these thunderstorms in the desert - this quote will give you an idea how fast this can happen.

Big-rig driver Jared Patterson, who stayed overnight with his vehicle, said the roadway turned dangerous within 45 seconds after traffic came to halt amid the storm. Then the embankment next to the highway collapsed, he said.

Here is one video.

And the last time I ran into one of these storms out on the desert, by the time I had finished braking the second the first rain started - it was raining so hard I could not see more than three or four feet in front of me.

Here is another  one video

And I have another video I am trying to find of a car being carried away - taken from inside the car.  It should be in the post after this one.

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