.....nearby, at the historic Clifton's Cafeteria, new owner Andrew Meieran is counting on speedy results. The developer of the Edison bar is investing more than $3 million in Clifton's — adding four bars, a fine dining restaurant, a bakery and small shops while retaining the much-loved classic cafeteria.

For his plan to succeed, Meieran said, Broadway's theaters will need to come alive at night.

"It would be a really sad situation if we end up being the only ones out here after dark," he said.

For now, he's grateful Bringing Back Broadway has created a buzz.

And so is Brady Westwater. The director of economic development for the Downtown Business Improvement District says now "there's actually momentum because people are engaged and committed to addressing all the issues for the entire street."

Westwater helped convince Masjedi to open his store.

The shopkeeper invested $250,000, his life savings. He built an indoor track to attract customers. Since he opened the shop in November, he said, he's seen a range: professionals, hipsters, laborers from as far away as Long Beach and Chatsworth.

When they buy bikes, he snaps their photos to post at the store's entrance, so passersby can catch a glimpse of the street's future.

"Beautiful," he said, "with so many different types of people."