Thursday, January 28, 2016

Big Bulk Book Sale this Saturday Jan 30th & Sunday Jan 30 & 31st near 4th & Spring In DTLA!

Looking to sell 4,000 - 5,000 books and magazines this weekend at rock bottom prices - with donations to arts and education groups.  Prices as low as one dollar per box of mixed books.

Have lots of art books and magazines and a whole section on marketing and another in graphic design - will sell each section for $20 for several boxes of each. And the same with  books on Hollywood, Also have tons of literature, western novels  (5 HUGE boxes for $25), literary journals , history, travel, film, bios.  Have hundreds and hundreds of art magazines  Call for details.  
BRADY WESTWATER  213-804-8396

Friday, January 22, 2016

Still trying to access my broken computer screen!

I have a broken screen Acer Aspire E-15 with a garbled video image and when I hook it up to a Gateway HD Display Monitor HOMI , the Gateway screen will show exactly was on the Acer screen.  But a half-second later, the words 'Auto Processing - appear over the intact image from the Acer screen - so the connection has been made - but then the screen goes blank. 

And I have tried waiting, fiddling with buttons - but nothing works.  Suggestions?  

Also,  my only other monitor is a Panasonic LCD TC-26cx50 2005 with a Homi/ AVI 983790894 connection other than the standard one. Might that work – and what kind of cable would I need?  Thanks!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

My ACER E 15 computer update just deactivated both my external mouse and my external keyboard

My Aspire E 15 was just made totally unusable by an upgrade I did not ask for and which instantly deactivated both my external mouse and external keyboard. I rebooted my computer a few days ago I was told an update was being installed.

My past history with this computer is it would not stay connected to the wireless in my office and it took me over a month just to download everything not the computer – which are it impossible for me to register the product. And I can only use the computer for typing in my office and have to go elsewhere to use it as a computer

But my new problem started when neither the built-in mouse nor the built in key board even remotely worked. Every sentence I typed was missing at last five or six letters, and trying to use the mouse left with a painfully sore should after just a single day. And tying a single page usually took 15 – 20 minutes it was such a nightmare.

So I bought both an external mouse ad an external keyboard – and they both worked fine. But a few Days ago – after my update – neither the mouse nor the key board would connect. Neither have other keyboards and mice I have tried. And just typing these few words has caused my shoulder…. eye watering pain.

Another change was rather than opening right on my work page – I instead have to sit through a slide show of pictures and then a welcome page pop-ups.

And that had taken me weeks to figure out how to get rid of that crap when I first set-up the computer and first used the first MS word update. And since I assume this is MS crap, it makes me wonder – who did the upgrade.
So how do I REACTIVATE my external mouse an external keyboard? And how can I get rid of the opening pages.


Saturday, January 02, 2016

Big Bulk Book Sale this SUNDAY Jan 3rd near 4th & Spring In DTLA - SECOND UPDATE

SECOND UPDATE!  Have lots of art books and magazines and a whole section on marketing and another in graphic design - will sell each section for $20 for several boxes of each. Also have tons of literature, western novels - probably 4 boxes for $25, literary journals , history, travel, film, bios. Easily 5,000 books - but mainly quite mixed.  So all me at 213--804-8396 and let me know what you're looking for and the more you buy the cheaper they get,

UPDATE!  I have seven large rooms filled wall to wall with boxes of books and magazines that I want to sell tomorrow.  I have four writing projects and these books are one of five non-writing writing projects that have been eating up too much of my time I want to sell all or most of them tomorrow.

I have lost of one of the storage locations for my multiple books collections and am looking to sell everything there this Sunday Jan 3rd between noon and whenever the last box of books is gone.  Noe to limited access to the facility the books will be offered by the box in general categories, though there will be some more specific categories such as a huge Western fiction collection, design books, type, marketing, LA and CA books etc. And the big news is that the highest priced boxes will be priced at no more than 25 cents a book and usually way less - with more hardcovers than soft covers.  Also have tons of really cheap magazines, art, design, horses for any of you collage artists or teachers at charter schools who want to get lots of really good images at really really low prices. And remember, my goal is to sell everything this Sunday.

So more more information or to make an appointment - call me at 213-804-8396.  But not AFTER 7pm Saturday - but anytime after 4 Am this Sunday morning.  Brady Westwater