Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Are The Los Angeles Times Daily Temperature Forecasts So... Obviously Wrong.. So Often?

Obviously, the daily temperature forecasts are computer generated without anyone at the Times actually creating them - or even reading them.  Today's Sunday forecast, for example, shows that the low today will be - or was - a supposedly frigid, near record setting 35 degrees - while the current temperature at 8 AM is 63 degrees and the high is scheduled to be 84 degrees.

And other days it will show the projected high temperature to be 10 degrees - or more below - what the late morning temperature already has reached - even though every other forecast had projected the much higher temperature both  the day before and on that morning.  Even more confusing,  if you look at the today's forecast on the front page of the website  and then click onto the long range forecast - you will often find a totally different set of numbers projected for today.

And since this has been going on for at least a year - why hasn't anyone at the LAT even noticed this - much less fixed it?

HI 84°LO 35°