Thursday, March 24, 2005

LA Unified School District Gets Another Failed Grade

With a School Board still under control of the teacher's unions, there is little surprise that much needed reforms have been either stalled or out right killed. Proof of that is a Harvard University study released Wednesday that revealed that the abysmal high school graduation rates previously told to us taxpayers were incorrect. The real dropout rates turn out to be far, far worse. The only possible explanations are either the people who run the school district are incapable of doing simple arithmetic - or they have been lying to us.

The report's conclusion is that we have been lied to. Yes, the same school board that has just agreed to give the teacher's union who elected them lifetime free health benefits without the teachers having to pay even one dollar towards those benefits, has been lying to us about what those teacher are doing (or in this case, not doing) in the classroom.

Prepare for five minutes of meaningless outrage, and then business as usual.

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