Sunday, March 27, 2005

Real Pro Wrestling vs. Totally Amateur LA Times

Today is the TV debut of a professional sports league for amateur style wrestling ( And while I had watched all the matches live when they were shot at the downtown Los Angeles LA Center Studios last year, I was anxious to see how the shows would come across on TV, particularly after a fire destroyed or damaged many of the taped bouts.

And while I knew it was going to be shown on air on PAX TV (Channel 30) some time during the day, I now had to check my TV guide to see at what time. So I turned to my LA Times TV Guide and discovered... no PAX listings, which puzzled me as I had seen them listed before. Then when I checked the evening listings, I saw that the LAT did list the shows on that network - but only in the evening.

So as usual, if you want to find out about anything that is happening in LA - the very last place to look - is the ever bush league LA Times.

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