Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Mark Swed Redeems LA Times! (for one day... at least)

Every once in a while one of the LA Times better writers - and there are many fine writers at the LA Times - produces a article so well written, so inspiring and so spot on in its coverage and its understanding of Los Angeles - that one almost forgets how completely the paper as a whole... totally sucks.

And today's (Tuesday March 1st, 2005) Calendar article by Mark Swed about the LA Philharmonic's weeklong residency in Cologne is one of those articles. Rather than detailing all the data he gathers up, dissects and then elegently displays together under one wide spreading umbrella... just read the article, savor the crescendo of his words, and appreciate the intellect behind his thoughts and his observations. And then become profoundly depressed at how rare it is that an article that actually tells you anything important about LA ever appears in the LA Times.

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