Wednesday, March 23, 2005

LA United School Board Pays Off Unions - Again

The complete domination of the School Board by the teacher's union was evident today as a new contract was announced that calls for tax payers to continue to pay for 100% of all teacher's health care premiums - with the teachers not having to pay even one dolar towards their health insurance either now - or for the rest of their lives. We will continue to pay all of their payments for them.

Needless to say, virtually no one in the real world gets this kind of a free ride. And, equally needless to say, the LA Times, omitted this little detail from their 'coverage', leaving the Daily News to let us know what is really going on in this city.

Additionally, the teacher's union is now also taking greater control of the hiring and firing and discipling of teachers, allowing them to even more protect the far too many incompent - and even at times even dangerous and violent - teaches and principals in our school district - from being removed from our schools. Exactly how bad that situtation continues to be - no one knows as they only paper willing to cover that story - NEW TIMES - was bought and closed by the LA Weekly in their attempt to stifle any competing newspapers.

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