Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's... Curbed Gate! Curbed LA Has Contest With Non-Existent Prize!

Yes! The bitterly fought contest among various Los Angeles Neighborhoods for the title of the most improved neighborhood of 2007 - said by some to be the most horrendous carnage since the War of The Roses, the most blood letting since the final ninety days of the Thirty Years War and the least important war since.... like forever - was all for naught!

The once prized Curbed Cup turns out - not to exist!

Yes! The whole contest turned out to be a fraud!

Well, that cup may not not exist now, but by next Tuesday at 6:30, when the next board meeting of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council takes place - something resembling a cup with the names Curbed and Historic Core on it better be in the lobby of the Los Angeles Theatre.

Or else.

And as far as... what else.. can mean.... go over to Luke Ford's blog and type 'Brady Westwater' into his search engine.

Consider yourself warned!

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