Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Judge Crater, Loch Ness Monster And Big Foot Still Missing - But Methuselah Appears On CBS!

Or at least that was how old a newly bearded David Letterman appeared on his show tonight. Older yet, alas, were his jokes. Now for the reviews:

Round one - Surprising, Leno was a lot funnier (with 'no' writers) in his monologue than Letterman was with his monologue - and it was also two or three times longer. Leno by a landslide.

Round two was Leno with a Jib Jab tape and Letterman with some bantering with his crew. Clear edge Leno.

Round three was questions from the audience with scripted questions setting up skits for Letterman - and an open mike with real questions from the audience for Leno. Hard to call, but at least a tie; but with degree of difficulty added, slight edge to Leno.

Round four Letterman's top ten list delivered by striking writers, weak to decent material (but a lot weaker than what's on Nikki Finke) but with horrible delivery by writers. Leno brought out Huckabee. Winner Letterman, by default.
Round five - Leno still Huckabee, Letterman Robin Williams. Landslide for Letterman.

Final Results - who knows? But Leno showed that for at least one night - no one would know there was a strike from his material. But when it comes to his guests, well, that's another matter.

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