Tuesday, January 01, 2008

LA Observed's 2007 LA Obits

Kevin has his usual year end list of prominent Angelenos (Kevin's spelling - not the one I prefer) who have passed in the last year and I was stunned by how many of them were friends of mine - and many of them, good friends.

Some like Steve Criqui were so young, I'm still shocked to see their name on an obit list, others like Cathy Seipp, despite how long they were ill, my brain still defaults to them still being here with us and with a few others like Carol Baker Tharp, their passings are so recent that the grief is still with me.

The one obvious missing obit, for me at least, was Downtown and Arts District activist and leader, Joel Bloom, but I am sure there are others.

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Ed Padgett said...


I have to hand it to Kevin for listing my son, Bryan Padgett 24 in his obits, whom was killed in an auto accident in August.

It felt good seeing my son’s name listed among the famous Angelinos that have left us last year.