Sunday, January 06, 2008

Peyton Manning Can Act?

After half-watching the recent history on Saturday Night life on NBC while computer multi-tasking, I though I'd check out the current crop of 'not ready for prime time players' since I had watched the show regularly since the Eddie Murphy days.

I soon noticed one fairly tall but very low key guy had a nice dead pan delivery. Two sketches later - I discovered the cast member was... Peyton Manning (and, yes, besides having facial recognition syndrome, I do live under a rock) and that he can actually act.

But then he did a sketch about a basketball player not wanting to return to the court after the first half and then doing a crazy ass dance to Herb Alpert's Casino Royale (and you had to have been there for that to make any sense). A Steve Martin type of goof ball zaniness that was - if anything - even looser than Martin.

I mean - who'd have thunk? Peyton Manning - physical comedian extraordinaire? So I decided to see if the clip was on YouTube, but it wasn't any more. But what I did find was an entire genre of Peyton Mannning dance imitator videos. And one of the better ones is linked to up top.

OK. Fun's over. Back to writing Op-Eds and heavily footnoted policy papers on... Downtown Industrial Planning Directives...

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