Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Is Matt Drudge Dead?

While I still check Matt Drudge throughout the day and clink on his links, when it comes to breaking news - he's increasingly not the place to go. Tonight's election returns coverage painfully demonstrate the gap between the old Drudge and the new Drudge.

Until recently - he would have sneaked leaks about exit polls during the day, had constant coverage of incidents at polling paces around the country (instead of just a few) and then - once the vote counting started - he would have been the first to list the first calls from networks and wire services.

But tonight...

Tonight there was little updating and the list of called states was at times... hours... old. There was also zero unique informtion on the results.

Maybe it's too many hours spent in the Miami sun and too many years in exile from LA in a resort town. Or maybe it's just when you're on top for too long - the hunger is gone.

But, whatever the reason, the old Matt Drudge is dead and he will be missed.

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