Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kate Coe For Oscar Producer!

Over at FISHBOLWLA Kate Coe links to a number of chatting class suggestions about how to improve the Oscars, all of which are worth reading. But I like her suggestions best:

In today's LA Times, Patrick Goldstein, that brick-throwing radical, suggests that the Oscar producers are too old, too stuck in variety shows and that recruiting some fresh ideas from ESPN or FOX Sports might save the broadcast "event".

We think forget sports, and look at reality shows.

Why not have the Best Song nominees warbled by the Best Actor nominees, ala American Idol?

Screenwriters can try their luck at acting out their scripts.

Editors should recut each other's movies into very short YouTube films.

And new hosts? Why not Sarah Silverman and Margaret Cho with Gary Busey working the red carpet? Other than the whole good taste issue.

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