Monday, February 18, 2008

LA Observed's Los Angeles Script Project Misplaces Subway Terminal Building! UPDATE!

LA Observed launches today a reader written collective screenplay project. You can get all the details at the above link. It sounds like fun. But for a project named after this city, it's a little embarrassing when the first scene is set in a building that is really miles from the actual scene.

(UPDATE! - Got a very nice note from the author - Eric Estrin - of the site - and the correction has been made and the plot of the story... is thickening....

So go over and stir the plot pot yourself.


RUSSELL NAPOLITANO, 48, rumpled sportcoat, scuffed satchel,
but still and dignified with a ramrod posture, strides
toward a chain-link fence on Lucas Ave. He slips unnoticed
through a bent section of fence and moves down a slope
alongside the graffiti-covered Toluca Substation toward an
abandoned tunnel embedded in a hillside.

Now while the description of Lucas Avenue and the tunnel was once upon a time correct - it has not been for sometime as the now sanitized tunnel is presently in the rear yard of a major housing project. But the real boner was moving the Subway Terminal Building from Fourth and Hill Street in the heart of Downtown to Echo Park adjacent Bevelry Boulevard. On the other hand, though, maybe this is supposed to be a science fiction script and it was moved there by a bored space creature.

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