Thursday, February 28, 2008

Latin Grammys at Broadway's Million Dollar Theater Tonight???? UPDATE!

When I saw Broadway was closed between 4th and 3rd this afternoon, I was told that the Latin Grammy's were being held tonight. Does anyone know if that is true? I can't find anything on-line saying that.

UPDATE! Above link to Downtown News explains the event....


Jennifer said...

i don't think they are tonight. they were a few months ago in las vegas. i think

Brady Westwater said...

Finally got a chance to go over and you're right - it's not the Latin Grammys. But none of the people involved with the production outside the theater, could tell me what the event was called, either.

And the marquee just read "Million Dollar Theater Presenta" - and then the phone number.

I finally decided this is either the opening event - or one of the opening events - of the long closed Million Dollar Theater and they are presenting tonight a series of variety acts to re-introduce the theater.

Rub said...

I happened to be walking around downtown this afternoon and noticed people going into the theater. There was a table at the entrance with glossy Spanish-only brochures or programs for a variety show; entry prices were posted in a hand-written note.

There were also a lot of streets not exactly closed but busy with filming: Grand up on Bunker Hill, Spring below 7th, Broadway in parts, 4th at Spring, I think a bit of Flower too. And you may have heard that the carpool lane on the 110 was closed for filming, causing massive traffic backups. I assumed it was because so much filming was delayed during the writers' strike and is now going forward.