Monday, August 18, 2008

Los Angeles Times Still Doesn't Know The Difference Between Windsor Square And Koreatown!

Despite the combined efforts of a staff writer, an editor and a copy editor - the LA Times story with a headline claiming that 400 S. Western was in Windsor Square and the body of the article saying that it was near Windsor Square, even after a post by me, four different emails to the paper and a published comment on the LAT blog - the best the paper can do is change the headline to saying that the 400 block of South Western is just near as opposed to actually being in Windsor Square. Still not mentioned in either article is the name of the community that the 400 block of South Western is in - Koreatown.

Hopefully, new publisher Eddy Hartenstein can fit some copy editing into his duties since he - at least - grew up in LA and just might know something about this city.

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