Saturday, August 02, 2008

Yogurt Factory To Come To Grand Central Market!

Since no one else seems to have mentioned it - for a couple weeks banner announcing that a Yogurt Factory will open in one of the many, many closed stalls at Grand Central Market. Increasingly, the market part of Grand Central is being phased out for businesses that can pay higher rents such as jewelry stores, restaurants and non-food retail uses. And this has nothing to do with the new Ralphs since most of the fruit and vegetable stalls, the last all baked goods stall and the last stall that sold meat that did not need to be cooked (sliced or fried chicken, turkey etc.) has closed before Ralphs opened. The main reason seems to be the rents being charged as the very small stand that sold ready to eat meats told me they were paying $6,000 a month when all the charges were added up for one of the smallest places and that they had been losing money for a year before they finally gave up.

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