Sunday, August 10, 2008

Someone Still Needs to Buy a Thomas Guide For the Los Angeles Times!

To begin with, East Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights and Boyle Heights are three very different communities. But you would never know this is you ever read the Los Angeles Times.

The latter two are historic 19th Century suburbs of Los Angeles and are in the city of Los Angeles. East Los Angeles, in contrast, is a much later unincorporated neighborhood that - finally - is deservedly hopefully about to become a city of its own. But hardly a week goes by in which the Times can not tell these communities apart. Below is the last time I called them on this....

And Kevin Roderick over at LA Observed has called the Times on this even more recently, too, but his search engine failed to cough up the link to the story.

Another reoccurring error in the Times is what constitutes Bunker Hill and the tendency to call anything within a mile of Bunker Hill as being on... Bunker Hill. The above link is the latest in a long series of errors on this subject.

It states that a house was moved to Carroll Avenue from Bunker Hill in 1978 - long after every single inch of Bunker Hill had been bulldozed out of existence. The house in the article is actually from Court Street west of the Harbor Freeway. Now there are at least three names that come to mind as to what that neighborhood can be called - but until today's LA Times - no one I know has ever tried to claim that stretch of Court Street was on Bunker Hill. But now that the LAT has gotten this 'fact' wrong once - it will - as usual - continue to get this 'fact' wrong until the paper finally expires and no correction will ever be posted on this error.

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