Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Downtown Ralph's Continues To Sell Substandard Yogurt!

A few weeks ago I started noticing that some of the Ralphs Brand Carb Master Yogurt had almost no peach flavor to it and that it had a sour taste to it rather than its normally sweet taste. It finally got to the point that my daily purchase was half normal and half a totally different product. I finally figured out it was the expiration dates of August 17th and August 18th that were 100% bad.

I have since reported this to the store on multiple occasions and they promised to fix this problem. But last night while in a hurry I bought ten more of the small cartons - and half of them were from the bad batch. What amazes me is that these two clearly substandard dates have been shipped all over the country and there has been no national recall issued. SO for weeks customers have been paying for a product that has not relation to the product they think they are buying - and Ralphs refuses to fix the problem on either a national or a local level. And even after I have left my name and phone number twice at the store - no one from Ralphs has bothered to call me back.


meekorouse said...

thanks Brady! While I usually get my yogurt elsewhere, not having a car will pretty much guarentee me getting it from Ralph's at some point. Knowing that I need to be wary of their product I'll be sure and stay away from it.

Ralph's has had a track record for selling expired and substandard product. The downtown population should be vitilant when choosing their food.

Anonymous said...

Ralphs downtown unfortunately has had bad management and bad customer service since they opened. Its amazing how poorly stocked they are, the poor slow service in the deli, and the long long lines and slow service at checkout. Nonetheless, I love the place, and continue to shop there all the time, but really... they need a management change/ shakeup.

Anonymous said...

Ralph's in general has bad management and dirty stores.