Thursday, July 10, 2008

Comedy Walk Tonight With Art Walk! Six Free Comedy Shows From 8:30 - 10 PM!


COMEDY WALK is the biggest monthly comedy festival in the world. It's like speed-dating with comedians! 25 different comedy acts. 6 simultaneous 90-minute shows. As seen in The Onion. A Los Angeles Times "Best Bet". A Hollywood Today selection.

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* Thursday, July 10th, 2008, 8:30pm-10pm

COMEDY WALK #7 is at the New LATC Theatre, 514 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, and nearby venues. Featured performers include Jason Dudey, Michael Goldstom, and Alysia Wood. Different acts and different venues each month. Another performer every 10 minutes. Performers are comedians who've appeared at comedy clubs or on television or in films.

Venue #1
Host: Jennifer Simms
Alexandria Room
200-seat club
501 S Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
8:25 Host Warm-Up
8:30 Alysia Wood
8:40 Tim Powers
8:50 Willis Turner
9:00 Brian Farrell
9:10 Courtney Ca
9:20 Josh Rencher
9:30 Erik Lundy
9:40 Bill Word
9:50 Rick Overton

Venue #2
Host: Kirk Bovill
Lobby Cabaret Theater
80-seat cabaret
The New LATC
514 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
8:25 Host Warm-Up
8:30 Michael Goldstrom
8:40 Joe Bartnick
8:50 Julia Louiza
9:00 Jason Dudey
9:10 Stevie Mack
9:20 Rick Overton
9:30 Celeste Davis
9:40 Jodi Miller
9:50 Roz Browne

Venue #3
Host: Ashley McCarthy
"The Velvet Room
By the Bert Green Art Gallery
114 W. 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
1,500-sq.ft SRO
8:25 Host Warm-Up
8:30 Bruno Lucia
8:40 Stevie Mack
8:50 Erik Lundy
9:00 Pat Branch
9:10 Larry Vazeos
9:20 Grace Fraga
9:30 Alysia Wood
9:40 Jackie Fabulous
9:50 Brian Farrell

Venue #4
Host: Katia Louise
"The Onion Room
Spring Arts Tower
205 W. 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
1,400 sq. ft. SRO
8:25 Host Warm-Up
8:30 Jodi Miller
8:40 Bill Word
8:50 Grace Fraga
9:00 Celeste Davis
9:10 Sasha Faynor
9:20 Michael Goldstrom
9:30 Pat Branch
9:40 Willis Turner
9:50 Courtney Ca

Venue #5
Host: Corey Blake
The Chicken Room
Spring Arts Tower
211 W. 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
1,000-sq.ft SRO
8:25 Host Warm-Up
8:30 Jason Dudey
8:40 Josh Rencher
8:50 Jackie Fabulous
9:00 Roz Browne
9:10 Bruno Lucia
9:20 Tim Powers
9:30 Julia Louiza
9:40 Joe Bartnick
9:50 Larry Vazeos

Venue #6
Host: Gabrielle Pantera
The Pump Room
Alexandria Building
214 W. 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
1,000 sq. ft. SRO
Gosh! TV Talk Show
Three-minute interviews with the comedians and hosts in a talk show format.

Supporters: Digital Express Printing, The Onion, Hollywood Today, British Weekly, StubDog, Thrillist, Couch Surfers, The New LATC, Rooftop Comedy, ScreenPlayLab. For the City of Los Angeles: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, District 9 Councilwoman Jan Perry. For the Cultural Affairs Department: Executive Director Olga Garay, Assistant General Manager Saul Romo.

Executive Producer Robin Rowe, Casting Director Gabrielle Pantera, Associate Producer Hillary Layman, Associate Producer Brian Fredericks. A production of


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