Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paparazzi Attack LA Cowboy! Or - What Happens When Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Are In The House!

When I turned the corner to go back to my office at the Spring Arts Tower, where the TV series ELI STONE has been shooting this afternoon, 30 or 40 paparazzi suddenly appeared and started shooting their cameras in front of me. And I assumed that were part of a scene that was being shot. But then they turned to shoot a van that was pulling away and I was told Katie Holmes has just walked in front of me.

And this really surprised me. After having watched half of the blockbuster films of the past ten years shot in my neighborhood - and regularly seeing many of the biggest stars in Hollywood - I could not recall even one paparazzi stalking anyone - much less a whole pack of them.

Then when I returned from the gym tonight, a half dozen of them were still waiting around when I stopped to gossip with a couple of the guys from Magic Elves - which produces most of the reality shows on TV. And I turned from them just as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and got out of a car and walked right in front of me and into the building followed by the flash of cameras.

Now after living in Malibu for 20 years and selling real estate, I saw film and TV stars every day and worked with many of them. But it was still weird to see these two walking into my building and even weirder to see packs of paparazzi roaming our sidewalks. The real problem, though, is with all the actors moving in our neighborhood, hopefully, this was only an aberration and not the start of our descent into paparazzi hell.

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