Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pod People Walk Among Us In Downtown Los Angeles!

And also this link:,0,1379685.story

For some time alien life forms from a culture far different than our own have been walking - and living among us. Yes, two business section reporters from the Los Angeles Times, Julie Makinen and Patrick McMahon, have secretly taken up residence among us humans.

And the seriously scary part is that they are living lives exactly like the rest of us do. In fact, reading their two stories about their lives in our community sounds exactly like the lives all of us live!

Now I know this sounds amazing that two people from the alien planet known as Times-Mirror Square can report on life Downtown as it really is - but these two impostors have infiltrated us so well that they could be standing right next to you right now - and you wouldn't even know it!

They even manage to write stories based on real world, first hand experiences and they do so without a single quote from alien life forces such as the clueless UCLA's Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris or the equally clueless Fernando J. Guerra of Loyola - both of whom have never set foot east of La Cienega without ideological blinders very carefully self-affixed to their eyes to prevent any contamination from - gasp! - real world observations.

So read their two stories and learn the good and the bad and the every day of life in Downtown. Because it may never happen again in the pages of the Los Angeles Times - and certainly never will if a certain notorious editor ever has his way with the rewrite pen.

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