Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LA Times Announces Hot Fashion Trend! Black Cowboy Hat And Amateur Wrestling T-shirts!

Last Sunday, I was recovering from an exhausting Saturday night when I got a frantic call from my long time fashion stylist, Miss Kitty. Her news flash was that the Times' fashion section - Image - in an article about the hottest international fashion boutiques flocking to Los Angeles - could find only one person - a certain local cowboy - fashionable enough to be featured.



Yes, the single person the fashion editors of the Los Angeles Times found in these exclusive shops with a fashion sense worthy of being photographed was this cowboy as I exited Comme de Garçons. But what upset Miss Kitty was that not only was not I - much less her properly credited - but that the Times also neglected to mention any of the designers of my elegant ensemble, which of course defeated the purpose of all those designers who so graciously give me their latest fashions to wear.

So to give credit where credit is due - my black cowboy hat is made by the Golden Gate Hat Company of Los Angeles and my au courant T-shirt - with it's muscular coiled cobra emblazened across it (which makes it the absolutely favorite shirt of Mr. Cowboy's female fans) is yet another stunning design by famed atelier of the Striker Wrestling Club.

Ironic Update...

Now that I think of it, my being photographed walking out of the shop is kind of fitting since the store would never have been there without me, and a number of other people.

Back in the Wild West Days of the 'hood, I did the original master lease (pro bono as usual) to Jose Caballer of GROOP SPACE and then they sub-leased part of their space to Tak Kato of BLENDS (and that concept was part of the original business plan) - and BLENDS was brought in by a friend of mine, Brigham Yen - and then Tak and Brett Westfall brought in the pop-up version of Comme des Garçons.

The moral is... it takes a village to build a neighborhood.

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