Saturday, August 04, 2012

After Art Walk Violence Last Month, Chalk Walk Organizer Apologizes to Downtown Los Angeles Residents (UPDATE ON NEW DOLLAR BOOK SECTIONS AT THE LAST BOOKSTORE)

According to the story in blogdowntown, at Thursday  night's meeting at the LATC (The Los Angeles Theatre Center) Richard Florence apologized for their actions at the last Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk and they promised to remain at Pershing Square during next week's August Art Walk. 

So - hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of Occupy LA occupying Downtown's sidewalks, parks and other public spaces and maybe then they can concentrate on more positive activities to help the people they claim they want to help.

I might add I did not attend last night for two reasons. First, I was not invited and, second, I've been too busy organizing myself. But instead of protests, I've been organizing the second floor at THE LAST BOOKSTORE so financially struggling students can find college level texts books on Chemistry and Calculus and Physics for only one dollar each. 

And so local residents who need to get their GED's to be able to get jobs can find test manuals and the books they need to study - also for only one dollar each.  (SEE UPDATE ON NEW DOLLAR BOOK SECTIONS AT THE END OF THIS POST)

And anyone who needs to find ways to change their lives can find what they need for only one dollar per book. 

And for the past month - for ten hours a day - that is the volunteer, unpaid organizing I've been doing. And that is the type of organizing most of the people in this neighborhood who are not part of Occupy LA have been doing for the past ten or fifteen years.  And if Occupy LA ever wants to be known for anything other than the vandalism that occurred at City Hall Park, Pershing Square and during Art Walk - they might want to rethink what they are doing and learn from the residents of Downtown about what being a good neighbor means.


And if you want to take advantage of this dollar book section - this Sunday August 5th  it will be open until 5:30 and on Monday it will be open until 10:30 and then until 9:30 - Tuesday - Thursday and then until 10:30 Friday & Saturday.  Now while 90 per cent of the books are randomly shelved, I have a special selection of 500 books on psychology for just a buck apiece and other sections on the Olympics that starts today - along with one on women in sports - plus other temporary collections on Art History, many of the countries of the world, astronomy, 
philosophy, knitting, books on writing of all kinds, biology & chemistry high school and college text books, math of all kinds and a few surprises you will find if you spend some time searching the shelves.

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