Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've been busy this week sorting through the 20 - 30 new boxes of $1  books that have been shipped to the LABYRINTH - the getting close to 100,000 books second floor at THE LAST BOOKSTORE (453 S. Spring in the Spring Arts Tower) - and while 95% of the books are randomly shelved  - but carefully curated to have only the books people actually want to buy - to allow you the chance to find the books you never knew existed, I do create special collection (with very few duplicates) at a buck apiece with both our psychology and military history sections recently climbing to over 500 volumes each - with very few duplicates and growing collections of  American and English history.
And if you know anyone who's shopping for college text books - this should be their first stop!

This weekend we also have a refined contemporary poetry selection of 50 books that arrived recently, (and a small but excellent collection in film making that will not last long) plus hundreds of other poetry already books scattered around, a very strong Russian/Soviet Union collection, over 50 books on Medieval European history, a great collection of books about the Olympics, women in sports - and another collection of the history of sports - many of which are used in college courses..  And we also have hundreds of popular fiction books in... Russian! 

But don't forget downstairs where we have our carefully selected main stock of books - with most books being from $4 to $8 - sorted into every possible category - with even some of the more expensive art and architecture books usually being under $20 and often well under that.  And there is also a small collection of brand new art & architecture books, plus a well stocked new magazine stand - and thousands and thousands of used Vinyl Records!

But getting back to the dollar floor, we are also assembling strong collections in baseball, golf, wine, astronomy, a great math & statistic's section filled with text books, a decent collection of chemistry & biology & college textbooks, books on art history, rapidly expanding collections on China & Japan - and the Caribbean & Central America, the history of theater, ancient Greece, knitting & needlepoint, sociology, folk lore and anthropology, philosophy & ethics.

Our African-American section is also growing to include college text books, books on civil rights movement, popular romances, many biographies, long out of print books (one teacher just found a book she had been searching for - for 20 years) and dozens of other subjects and it has just been joined by a section about all things African.the last bookstore

And our 200 volume  Judaica section has everything from cooking to humor to popular novels to Israel and scholarly religious books to books for kids and young adults and our computer section has over a hundred different  books & manuals from the first days of computers to more recent manuals

The fastest growing section though is - business and management and economics - with over a 50 college level books published over the past 5 decades until last year - and hundreds of books from the past few years on leadership and management.

We also have law books and  books about the supreme court, lawyer jokes,famous cases, notorious criminals, true life crimes, bios of famous legal figures and how to do it yourself books on the law.

Out newest section, though - will be called - WORDS.  Everything you need to know about words, books (and how to sell or self-publish them) writing almost anything- from a play to a script to an essay to poetry to a college paper to a medical or business journal to a blog to a will.  It also has 2 books on how to translate, publications from the MLA and books on etymology, grammar, literature (including college text books), linguistics and many other fields related to reading or writing.

BUT - since the average buyer quickly fills a box - what's here now - may not be here tomorrow.  So if you are looking for any of these categories - this weekend is when you should be coming to... THE LAST BOOKSTORE at 453 S. Spring Street.  Open 10AM - 11PM on Saturday (thought upstairs always closes a half-hour early) and 10AM - 6 PM on Sunday.  And during the week it opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM except for Monday and Friday when it is open until 11 PM

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