Thursday, August 09, 2012

You Know The Circus Is In Town When Occupy LA's Clown Bus Arrives from Oakland

Even while some members of Occupy LA were 'apologizing' for the violence they caused at last month's Art Walk at the LATC Theatre last Thursday - and promising not to disrupt today's Art Walk, other members of Chalk Walk and Occupy LA were busy working to bring in even more outsiders to invade and attack our community.

And while some of us were hopeful the local leaders would publicly support their promises to the residents and artists of Historic Downtown - and publicly ask for them not to show up (which I am ashamed to admit I had thought), others knew that we were just being set-up for a sucker punch; a sucker punch which, according to the LA Times is going to be delivered tonight.

So with the press guaranteeing them wall to wall coverage of anything they will do, every fading, forgotten 'activist' is now descending upon Downtown LA -  each one hoping for one more shot at the TV cameras.  And once the Oakland Clown Bus arrives and  the TV cameras and reporters descend upon this freak show  suddenly elevated to center ring status - that will encourage every nut job in the country to come to our neighborhood for one more shot at the big time media coverage.

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